Kingswood Camps

Junior Leader Training Program

This full-week camp is designed to provide training and experience for youth interested in developing their resumes. They will learn skills dealing with child-care, time-management and leadership through both classroom-style training and working hands-on with the groups of children attending camp.

  • Youth ages 13 - 15 will be required to apply for the program, and will be interviewed to determine acceptance.
  • Participants will be given feedback daily, and evaluated at the end of the week on both the classroom and the practical portions of the training.
  • A certificate will be given to those who pass.
Junior Leader Training Program

Those who pass may volunteer as junior leaders and gain work experience in our summer camps, and will continue to be evaluated on a weekly basis. At the end of the first week, a schedule will be prepared for the remainder of the summer based upon the availability of each participant (which must be indicated by the end of the first week), as well as our needs. The number of junior leaders will be limited to two per age group each week. The schedule is subject to change at management’s discretion.

For more information, call 444-9503 or email