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Kingswood Gymnastics is one of the premiere gymnastics facilities in Atlantic Canada.

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Since 1997 Kingswood Gymnastics has been considered one of the premiere gymnastics facilities in Atlantic Canada
Kingswood Gymnastics offers a variety of programs to fit the needs and aspirations of everyone, regardless of age. From 18-month olds to adults, we are committed to providing quality programming and instruction in the most rewarding and exciting of sports.
Gymnastics, the most fundamental building block for any sport or physical activity, affords children the chance to develop important physical and cognitive skills.

Kingswood Gymnastics has a full array of Spieth Anderson and GymNova equipment, leaders in the manufacture of gymnastics equipment, including: 40' X 40' SA Spring floor; 1 set of SA Women's Uneven bars; 1 set of GymNova Uneven Bars; 1 SA Men's High Bars; 4 SA Competition Beams and one Low Training Beam; 2 sets SA Men's Parallel Bars; 2 SA Men's Pommel Horses; 1 set SA Free-standing Rings; 1 SA Vault Table; as well as countless other mats and accessories.
In addition to our full complement of Men's and Women's Olympic-standard competition equipment, we also offer a wide variety of equipment, mats, and apparatus specifically designed for our 'younger' gymnasts.

Kingswood Gymnastics is one of two facilities in New Brunswick to have 2 in-ground (i.e. ground level) Competition-grade trampolines. In addition to our in-ground trampolines, we have an in-ground "resi" pit and an in-ground foam cube pit.