The 15th Annual Kingswood Gymnastics

2018 Christmas Claus

2018 Christmas Claus

Kingswood Gymnastics is excited to be hosting the 15th Annual Christmas Claus Gymnastics Competition from November 30 - December 2, 2018.  The weekend will showcase over 250 gymnasts from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island as they compete in over 30 competitive categories of Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics.  In addition, the event will be the first of two in the province that will be used to select New Brunswick's Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics teams to attend the 2019 Canada Winter Games in Red Deer, AB.

FINAL Schedule:

Friday, November 30    
  10:00-10:30am Athlete Registration
  10:30-10:45am General Warmup
  10:45-1:00pm Competition
  1:00-1:15pm Awards
SESSION 2 WAG Level 3  
  12:00-1:30pm Athlete Registration
  1:30-1:45pm General Warmup
  1:45-4:00pm Competition
  4:00-4:30pm Awards
SESSION 3 WAG Level 4 & 5  
  4:15-4:45pm Athlete Registration
  4:45-5:00pm General Warmup
  5:00-7:30pm Competition
  7:30-8:15pm Awards
Saturday, December 1    
SESSION 4 WAG CWG Selection  
  7:45-8:10am Athlete Registration
  8:10-8:30am General Warmup
  8:30-11:15am Competition
  11:15-11:45am Awards
SESSION 5 WAG Level 7, 8, & 9  
  11:30-12:00pm Athlete Registration
  12:00-12:15pm General Warmup
  12:15-3:30pm Competition
  3:30-4:00pm Awards
SESSION 6 WAG Level 6  
  3:45-4:15pm Athlete Registration
  4:15-4:30pm General Warmup
  4:30-7:30pm Competition
  7:30-8:15pm Awards
Sunday, December 2    
SESSION 7 MAG CWG Selection  
  8:00-8:30am Athlete Registration
  8:30-8:45am General Warmup
  8:45-10:00am Apparatus Warmup
  10:00-12:30pm Competition
  12:30-1:00pm Awards
SESSION 8 MAG All Levels  
  12:45-1:15pm Athlete Registration
  1:15-1:30pm General Warmup
  1:30-4:00pm Competition
  4:00-4:30pm Awards

Follow along in real-time using the Sportzsoft Mobile LiveMeet or view the competition Results.