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The perfect gift card for all ages and occasions!

Looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your list?

The Kingswood Gift Card has something for everyone:
Like the golfer, with access to the Kingswood Executive and Signature courses, the most recognized and awarded golf course in New Brunswick;
And the food buff, at Sam Snead’s Oak Grill and Tavern, a top ten restaurant on Trip Advisor;
And the health conscious, with Kingswood Fitness, the most comprehensive fitness facility in town;
And the gymnast, at Kingswood Gymnastics, the best equipped gymnastics and trampoline centre in Fredericton;
And, of course, for those who like to play, with the Entertainment Center, including Bowling, Birthday Parties, Lazer Tag, Arcade Games, and our always popular Play Zone area;
Or bring everyone together for a Banquet or Party at the Kingswood Lodge.

To purchase a Kingswood Gift Card, you have three options

In person at Kingswood

Visit anyone of our five customer service counters (Bowling, Fitness, Gymnastics, Golf or Sam Snead's) and request the amount of your choice.

Email a request

Yes, we know your live a busy life style with many activities and events on the go and there's just don't enough time to drop into Kingswood.  We understand and want to make it easy for you.  Simply send us an email request to and we will confirm the details from there.   

Buy online with Paypal

Sit back and relax.  You can also purchase your Kingswood Gift Card online with the safe and secure access of Paypal.  Gift Card amounts offered are $25, $50 and $100.  To purchase, click the "select a gift card amount" and "purchase your gift card" tabs to the right.